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“Notice it. Look straight at it. Breathe into it, and it will change. It will change.” -Victoria Erickson


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Oftentimes the decision to pursue counseling can feel challenging and vulnerable. I commend your bravery in seeking support and guidance, as these are things every human being needs. The support of a trusted professional can help us jumpstart our healing process and access our inner resiliency.

In providing counseling services, my mission is to provide an empathetic, inclusive space where you can feel heard and accepted while being challenged to find healthier ways to interact with yourself, others, and your environment.

Each one of us has a distinct set of lived experiences on which currently-held beliefs have formed and evolved over time. Perhaps you feel stuck with perspectives and behavior patterns that helped you survive your past, but are no longer serving you in the present. Together, we can unearth the underlying causes of your distress, process past traumas, connect to your emotions, and welcome your true Self.

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As a therapist, I am often given feedback that my Clients feel a genuine connection in which I truly care about them. It is an honor to sit with humans through their most challenging points in life as well as celebrate their accomplishments and growth. While I can communicate that I enjoy connecting to my clients and providing therapy, I know this will only be your truth if you experience it for yourself. Choosing the right therapist for you is an integral step in seeking therapy. Check out my About page so you can get a better idea on whether or not I am the counselor for you.

I currently provide in-person services to residents of the Treasure Valley. My office is in Meridian, within a relatively close distance from Eagle, Boise, Star, Nampa, and Caldwell. I provide telehealth services to residents across the state of Idaho.

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